The Cloud Access Security Broker for Enterprises

The Imperva Skyfence Cloud Gateway is a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that provides visibility and control over sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps to enable their safe and productive use.

Discover Shadow IT & Risk

Unsanctioned adoption of cloud apps is a top cloud security concern for enterprises.  Skyfence’s secure and non-intrusive approach to cloud app discovery and risk scoring ensures that IT can eliminate blind spots by uncovering what cloud apps are used by employees and their risk profiles.

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Sensitive Files Found

Prevent leaks of sensitive data

Inspect files and cloud content in real-time to prevent the malicious or unintentional leakage of confidential information. Identify and analyze sensitive or regulated data stored in cloud file-sync services to understand sharing permissions exposure and ensure compliance with regulations such as PCI, SOX, and HIPAA.

Control BYOD access

Minimize the risk of data proliferation to unmanaged or untrusted devices by enforcing device-based access rules. Prevent the downloading or syncing of data to unmanaged devices while allowing online access only to cloud data.

Control BYOD access to prevent data proliferation

Detect & block cyber attacks

Detect & block cyber attacks

Skyfence monitors all user activity and analyzes usage patterns to rapidly detect anomalies that can indicate an account takeover.  The dashboard provides a wealth of cloud analytics, highlighting suspicious activities and attempts to compromise accounts.

Identify security gaps

Skyfence uses cloud APIs to analyze your cloud tenants, helping IT review users and admins to detect dormant accounts, external users, and ex-employees that might still have access to your cloud apps. In addition, Skyfence inspects your tenant security configurations to detect deficiencies and to recommend best-practice settings for effective cloud governance.

Identify security & compliance gaps

CB Incidents report

Optimize detection of anomalies and threats

Integrations with CounterBreach and ThreatRadar IP reputation services reflect the breadth of enterprise-class capabilities provided by Skyfence.  It’s the only CASB that protects enterprise data from theft and loss due to compromised, malicious, and careless users and that correlates activity anomalies with risky IP addresses.

Cloud security meets performance

Skyfence is the only CASB provisioned on a world-class CDN architecture for faster, secure access to cloud apps. Whether you require single sign-on, prefer forward or reverse proxies, utilize IP restrictions, or endpoint profiles, Skyfence delivers flexible deployment options with built-in DDoS protection, caching, and content optimization for your cloud security needs.

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