Cloud App Discovery

Uncovers cloud apps – sanctioned and unsanctioned – by inspecting data in user access logs across the enterprise. Also, Skyfence provides a searchable Cloud App Directory where customers can view details, including customized risk factors, for each cloud app discovered.

Cloud App Risk Scoring

Gives you the ability to categorize and prioritize each cloud app as high, medium, or low risk. Application risk scoring and weighting are based on several categories (Compliance, Security Settings, General Info, Data Leakage, Data Ownership, Account Termination Policy, and Auditing), the consolidated results of which can help you prioritize your risk mitigation “to do” list.

Detection of Compliance Gaps

Gain visibility into your cloud apps’ security settings and get notified when SaaS admins make critical configuration changes.  Skyfence compares these settings against a set of industry best practices or compliance standards (e.g., HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO, CSA) and highlights deficiencies that require immediate attention.

Data Governance

Scan corporate files and data stored in file-sharing services such as OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive.  See which ones are sensitive or contain regulated data so that you can initiate a remediation workflow, if necessary (e.g., alert) to meet your compliance requirements.

Cloud App Metrics

Automates the process of determining what cloud apps users are accessing and details the number of users, activity level, traffic volume and usage hours for each app.

Identification of Overspend

Review the entitlements of your users.  You could be overlooking potential areas of risk or possibly some cost savings opportunities.