What’s New in Skyfence 3.6?


We’ve been busy … and are excited to launch the latest version of the Skyfence Cloud Gateway (v3.6) that allows IT organizations to secure access to cloud apps for mobile device users while still retaining the visibility and control they need to ensure compliance with corporate security policies and regulatory mandates. To request a demo or free trial, click HERE.

The combination of cloud apps and mobile access (be it through corporate-owned or BYOD) presents new challenges for IT staff. Some organizations are struggling with the fact that their existing solutions and cloud service providers cannot distinguish between managed and unmanaged endpoints and cannot apply unique access control policies for each.  Among other capabilities, this new release will help organizations monitor users and enforce policies for cloud apps accessed from mobile devices, whether from a native mobile app or a browser.

Here are the highlights of the release:

Access controls for native mobile apps and browsers
To support the growing trend of accessing cloud apps via mobile devices – either through a browser or a native mobile app – Skyfence now offers another deployment option (forward proxy with profiles on the device) to ensure employees on the inside and those on the outside are dealt with consistently from a policy perspective. Today, we support Android and iOS devices. We have customers in the banking, broadcasting, and airline industries using some of these capabilities as their workforces are increasingly distributed and mobile.

Expanded discovery capabilities for streamlined risk management
In order to quickly view, assess, and remediate risk, Skyfence has added an IT executive-level reporting dashboard that provides global visibility into trends and changes in an organization’s cloud usage and security posture. IT admins can immediately access metrics and generate reports that compare actual cloud app usage, number of users, location of stored data, and more, against pre-established risk thresholds and baselines.


Enhanced location-based access controls for meeting strict compliance requirements
Skyfence has also beefed up its capabilities around location-based access controls to address cross-border data privacy requirements. Otherwise known as geo-fencing, Skyfence has added the ability to set policies based on the location of the cloud service provider to its existing capabilities of defining policies based on the location of the user and endpoint device.

So, there continues to be a lot of excitement and interest in this emerging segment of security. As more and more organizations move their business-critical data to the cloud, there will be an increasing need to secure access to these cloud apps, especially from mobile devices.