Secure Cloud Enablement Made Simple


Let’s start with the bad news … old, tried-and-true data security methods don’t necessarily cover you in the cloud.

Corporate firewalls and endpoint security aren’t enough to protect your cloud-based data from brute-force attacks, stolen authentication tokens, data leakage, or the unique challenges presented by the proliferation of BYOD.

Today, cloud security begins and ends with fine-grained control of each and every user identity. What’s more, this “fine-grained control” must go well beyond initial authentication – i.e., logins and passwords – and extend to real-time monitoring of user behavior to identifying malicious and dangerous activity the moment it starts.

Sound complex? It doesn’t have to be.

Okta and Imperva, two leading names in enterprise security, have joined forces to provide a compelling security solution designed for organizations that embrace and enable their users with cloud and mobile technology.

Okta flexes its muscles at the authentication point for accessing cloud apps. Okta allows employees to access apps on any device at any time, while still enforcing strong security policies, and integrates directly with your existing directories and identity systems.

Once you’re in the app, Imperva Skyfence takes over. It’s a cloud access security broker (CASB) that provides visibility and control over sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps to enable their safe and productive use. With Skyfence, IT organizations can monitor all post-login activity and enforce controls to prevent account-centric threats, protect data in the cloud, and even enforce multi-factor authentication based on action and context.

What does this mean to you?


That’s right. It just got easier to protect your organization’s data in the cloud.


A partnership built for simplicity and security

What does this mean for your data?

It means many great features, in one certified approach:

  • Ease of Deployment: Authentication and data protection capabilities do not require any endpoint configuration or agent installation.
  •  Strong Authentication: Risk-based multi-factor authentication enhances protection against account takeovers without impacting the user experience.
  •  Access Controls: IT has visibility and control over who can access which application, how they can access it, and most importantly, what they can do once they are inside the application.
  •  Granular Policy Enforcement: By simply linking your corporate directory to your cloud services, you can apply policies for data leak prevention, contextual access control for both managed and unmanaged devices, and anomaly detection.

Full audit trails will also allow your organization to generate reports on user activities, alerts, and anything else that could be of interest to regulators or corporate governance folks.

End user productivity

Many times with security enhancements, the end user suffers by having more hoops to jump through to make this security possible. Even worse, this ends up forcing organizations to choose between productivity and security.

With the new Okta-Skyfence solution, end users no longer need to be negatively impacted, but rather, this new solution can enhance productivity by providing users a single sign-on experience that makes accessing cloud apps much easier, while giving security teams the controls and tools they need to safely enable cloud app usage.

Enhanced security, increased productivity, and comprehensive audit trails, all with single sign-on, make this one of the simplest and least intrusive security options available for managing cloud app usage.

Visit us at Oktane15

As a new Okta partner, we’ve also signed on to sponsor this year’s Oktane15. If you plan to attend, be sure to swing by our booth. See a live demo of the Okta-Skyfence solution and learn how we can simplify and streamline cloud security for your organization.