BoxWorks 2015: Tap into Transformation…Securely


BoxWorks 2015 is right around the corner. And with headliners like Tim Cook (Apple CEO), John Chambers (Cisco Chairman), and Ed Catmull (Pixar President), it promises to be one of the most important tech events of the year.

We’re excited…and not just because Imperva is a sponsor. We’re excited about connecting directly with thousands of cloud app users, and those involved in the evolving and rapidly growing cloud file sharing and storage marketplace. Plus, this year’s theme touches incredibly close to home:

“How can companies tap into the unprecedented opportunities for transformation without putting their critical information at risk?”

It’s a great question, and we can help answer it. Our Imperva Skyfence for Box solution will be front and center in our booth at BoxWorks. We’ll be showing attendees how to restrict uploads and downloads of sensitive or regulated data, and how to discover all their existing unstructured data in Box—as well as how to enforce BYOD access rules, prevent account takeovers, and identify rogue users for Box and other cloud apps, such as Salesforce, Office 365 and Google Apps.

We’ll also share the latest on Man in the Cloud (MITC) attacks and strategies for mitigation. MITC attacks rely on common file synchronization services like those available in Box as their infrastructure for command and control, data exfiltration and remote access. Without using any exploits, a bad actor can turn them into a devastating attack tool undetected by traditional security measures.

But the agenda promises even more for the IT professional. You’ll also find a host of relevant sessions on cloud security. Here are a few we have our eye on and why we think you won’t want to miss them.

Working with Box and Microsoft: Day 1 at 7pm

Does your office use Office 365? Come to this session to see how Box and Microsoft work together to make you more successful! Learn how to use Box with Office 365.

Office 365 is the largest business application in the world. However, big doesn’t necessarily mean safe. In fact, we recently posted an article on this very topic: Office 365 Security Checklist: 7 Must Haves. For even more detailed analysis, you can download the Skyfence for Office 365 Playbook.

Building the Trust Ecosystem: Day 2 at 3:30pm

As applications move outside the corporate perimeter, security practitioners need to understand the shifting responsibilities of cloud providers and security vendors as well as the emerging security opportunities. … Join this session to explore a framework for protecting data in the world of cloud and mobile, the role of the cloud provider, and the leading security and governance vendors who have partnered with Box to bring you the Trust Ecosystem for protecting your content.

Naturally, trust is a non-negotiable part of cloud security. Still, the most important phrase in that summary are the words “shifting responsibilities.” Outsourcing your applications and data to a cloud provider does not mean outsourcing your security. Instead, it’s vital to have your company’s eyes wide open to the shared responsibilities of the provider and user alike.

How to Extend Security & Compliance within Box: Day 3 at 11:15am

As enterprises increasingly turn to cloud solutions for file sharing and collaboration, they must find ways to extend security, compliance and governance policies over their content. See how leading companies are maintaining security and compliance standards while leveraging Box for collaboration.

Collaboration and innovation go hand in hand. But balancing employee productivity with data security isn’t easy. This balance is even more troublesome if you work in an industry with strict “compliance and governance policies.” Moreover, BYOD policies present a growing concern when it comes to “extending” security.

See you there…

BoxWorks promises to be a great conference—enjoy the sessions, networking opportunities and fun (this event is always fun!). And be sure to visit us in booth S3 to see a demo of Skyfence for Box. We’d love to share how we can help you tap into the promised transformation of the cloud with the security and compliance controls you require.

Imperva is a Box Platform Partner.