Skyfence Cloud Discovery

See through your blindspots – bring “Shadow IT” into the light

Cloud apps such as Dropbox, Salesforce, NetSuite, Office 365, and Google Apps make adoption and account creation easy for users but IT is often blind to which cloud apps are being used and what users are doing with them.

Skyfence Cloud Discovery is the first step in eliminating IT blindspots created by the rapid adoption of cloud apps and the “bring-your-own-app” trend.  Skyfence discovers and catalogs all cloud apps accessed by users – both sanctioned and unsanctioned – providing detailed visibility of usage, activities, and risk information.

Skyfence Cloud Discovery is part of the Skyfence Cloud Gateway family of products that includes Skyfence Cloud Analytics and Skyfence Cloud Protection.

Features in Skyfence Cloud Discovery include:

Cloud App Discovery
Skyfence uncovers cloud apps by inspecting data in user access logs across the enterprise.  The solution aggregates multiple user access logs from web-proxies and firewalls providing global and regional views of app discovery, risk scoring and usage levels.  This facilitates the distribution of scans and consolidates the results in an intuitive and easy-to-navigate central console.

The Skyfence discovery process is enterprise-grade following best practices that log files are never exposed outside the corporate network.  The app discovery scan and risk scoring is done by a locally executable tool that scans existing logs files either manually or on an automatic schedule.  The non-intrusive process does not require any installation of agents or changes to applications.

Cloud App Usage Summary
Skyfence Cloud Discovery automates the process of determining which cloud apps users are accessing and details the number of users, activity level, traffic volume and usage hours for each app.

Cloud App Risk Scoring and Advanced Metrics
Skyfence Cloud Discovery gives organizations the ability to categorize cloud apps and prioritize each cloud app as high, medium, or low risk.  Risk metrics such as the status of service provider audits (e.g., SSAE-16), compliance requirements (e.g., PCI AoC) and many other critical criteria are consolidated and measured so organizations can use the risk score of each app to prioritize their risk migration efforts.

In addition, the advanced risk metrics feature lets organizations customize risk weightings so app metrics can be adjusted to reflect the risk to their specific business operations.

Centralized Discovery Dashboard
The centralized Cloud Discovery dashboard features in-depth risk analysis combined with automated remediation tools that enable organizations to rapidly assess and manage the risks of cloud app usage.  The executive view gives both IT Management and security practitioners an immediate perspective on risk and usage trends along with the ability to quickly filter according to a wide variety of parameters (e.g., app category or risk level) or to perform in-depth analyses of each app.

SIEM Integration
Skyfence Cloud Discovery generates discovery data in Common Event Format for easy integration with existing SIEM environments such as ArcSight, Splunk, and Q1 Labs.

Skyfence Cloud Discovery eliminates cloud app “blind spots” by providing summarized and detailed categorization of apps, traffic, users and risk metrics. Easily import logs from Palo Alto Networks, Blue Coat and other systems to generate reports & obtain comprehensive visibility over who is doing what in the cloud – without having log files leave your network.


Discovery Analytics
Skyfence Cloud Discovery gives IT staff and risk managers’ flexible tools to clearly understand the risk metrics associated with each app in use by their organization.  Intelligent filtering and sorting of all cloud app metrics helps organizations understand and prioritize the risks of each cloud app as it relates to their business.

App Catalog and Risk Updates
Skyfence Cloud Discovery automatically distributes regular updates to Skyfence’s large and growing app catalog.  In addition, app risk properties are continuously updated using research from Skyfence professionals and third-party sources.